130X Carbon Fiber Ultra Flow Vertical Fin LX0402

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Product Information

  • Product Code: LX0402

  • Manufacturer: Lynx

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Product Information

Vertical Fin, Re-Designed by Lynx Heli Innovations:

Using specific airflow based software (the very same used for the highly popular Lynx Turbo Fan), we have tested and determined that the airflow efficiency of a standard, stock fin could be greatly improved with this latest design, allowing not only a better looking tail fin design, but a design that functions very well within the realm of RC helicopter flight.

Thanks to our team cooperation with esteemed 3D pilots, we have made this new design possible, allowing an increase in overall tail rotor efficiency, and also providing bright colors that look great and aid in orientation throughout aggressive 3D maneuvers.

Lynx Vertical Tail Fin Design Features:

- Tail fin surface is smaller compared to standard vertical fin shapes of other models, allowing less air drag, less airflow turbulence, and greater tail rotor efficiency & performance.

- Tail fin position is advanced in the frame direction, allowing a larger air flow window.

Material: Carbon Fiber

Thickness 1mm

Weight: 0.62g