130X Ultra Main Gear Hub 112T Silver Combo LX0456

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Product Information

  • Product Code: LX0456

  • Manufacturer: Lynx

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Product Information

Lynx Heli Innovations design a 130X Main Gear Hub that support Lynx CNC Main Gear.

Lynx LX0456 Ultra Main Gear Hub - 112T - Silver - Combo system has Aluminum Hub, Reinforced CNC Main Gear 112T

This option is dedicated to pilot who needs a super precise and reinforced CNC Main gear keeping the lightweight as possible and doesn’t need an autorotation system.

Smooth power transmission and Heavy Duty specification will support your 130X Overpowered need to next level.

We spent time optimizing the design and fly testing to achieve the required strength and resistance with final design without compromise.

We are pilots, and we demand a Heli that can support any over-stress fly condition.



- Techno polymer Precise and reinforced CNC main gear assures best wear resistance and perfect tooth mesh.

- Super precise Main gear concentricity for smooth and silent power transmission

- Main gear thickness 3mm and special “cross radius” cut design for the ultimate main gear rigidity

- Direct replacement of std 130X main gear, useable with standard or upgraded main shaft.

- FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.



- Main Gear Hub Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 - Silver Anodized

- Main Gear Material: Techno polymer based POM

- Assembly weight: 3.5g



- 1 x 112T M0.4 Main Gear assembled with Main Gear Hub - Silver Color