**Aerial Freaks 3D Propellers 5in (CW-CCW) HP3D-0005

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Product Information

  • Product Code: HP3D-0005

  • Manufacturer: Aerial Freaks

  • Stock Level: 4


Product Information

Extreme stiff Carbon Composite (Carbon and plastic) 3D propeller 5x4.5 is specially designed for 250-280size 3D quads such as AerialFreaks Hyper 280 3D.

Designed with symetrical profiles for reversible motors for 3D quadcopters.  Exactly 5in in length gives the quadcopters more disload than other propellers on the market.


  • Diameter: 5 inches
  • Pitch: 4.5 inches
  • Rotation: CW and CCW


  • 2pc X 3D Propeller 5x4.5 (CW)
  • 2pc X 3D Propeller 5x4.5 (CCW)