**GOBLIN 500 Vertical Fin Carbon Fiber 3K LX0582

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Product Information

  • Product Code: LX0582

  • Manufacturer: Lynx

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Product Information

 Lynx Heli Innovations have re-designed the Goblin 500 vertical fin. Using specialized airflow analysis software (the very same software we used for the highly popular Lynx Turbo Fan), we have found that the airflow efficiency of a standard stock fin could be greatly improved. Our new design not only looks different , but also provides functional benefits in flight.

 Lynx Vertical Fin Design Features:

- The vertical fin surface area is smaller when compared to standard vertical fin shapes, offering less air drag, less airflow turbulence, and greater tail rotor efficiency & performance.

- The fin position is moved forward, so is less obstructive to tail rotor airflow, increasing tail efficiency.

-Flange Bearign assebly is made with maximum precision and attention , using hard resistence glue we assure the maximum assembly and alignement precision, fly after fly.

Material:  3K Carbon Fiber – 2 mm thick

Package Contents:  1 x Vertical fin with Flange Bearign pre-assembled, ready to u