Lynx 180 CFX One Way System Assembly LX1447

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Product Information

  • Product Code: LX1447

  • Manufacturer: Lynx

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Product Information

Lynx Heli Innovations has designed autorotation system for 180CFX adding one way system.

Lynx LX1447 autorotation system has Aluminum One Way Hub and come pre-assembled with   Reinforced 180CFX Lynx CNC Main Gear.

Smooth power transmission and Heavy Duty specification will support your 180CFX overpowered need to next level.

We spent time optimizing the design and fly testing to achieve the required strength and resistance with final design without compromise.

We are pilots, and we demand a heli that can support any over-stress fly condition.



- Autorotation features.

- Direct replacement of standard 180CFX main gear / main shaft system

- Tecnopolymer Precise and reinforced CNC main gear assures best wear resistance and perfect tooth mesh.

- Super precise Main gear concentricity for smooth and silent power transmission

- One way hub with Japan brand one way bearing and super precise brass shims assure perfect geometrically reducing assembly play.

- Fine shims spacer for the ultimate assembly and play free function.

- FEA (Finte Elements Analysis) assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.



- One Way Hub Material: Aluminum 7075-T6

- One Way Bearing: Chrome Steel Japan brand

- Reinforced 180CFX Lynx CNC Main Gear Material: Copolymer base POM

- Assembly weight: 7.85 g


- 1 x 180CFX One Way Hub assembled with Main Gear

- Brass Shims for the best play free adjustment.



Cause micrometric one way bearing length tolerances, Lynx add Brass Shims in order to get the best "play free" smooth rotation. 

Follow user manual here for a best installation.