Lynx 180CFX Hardened Pinion 12T MOD 0.4 (2mm Shaft) LX1428

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Product Information

Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better way of doing things.

Here at Lynx Heli Innovations every detail has huge importance.

Looking on the 180CFX helicopter we discovery a quick wear of the brass pinion, one other issue we discovery the difficulty to remove a single pinion system as standard.

Using our material experience in pinion production we realize a series of pinion module 0.4 in Carbon Steel and followed by thermal process to increase the superficial hardness to assure the best wear resistance fly after fly without compromise and comparison.

A special brass bushing give the perfect pinion lock position, making super easy pinions replace, with thermal heating.



- Pinion Material: Carbon Steel + Thermal Process

- Direc replacement of your 180CFX std Brass pinion

- Motor Shaft Diameter 2 mm



1 x Pinion 12T – Mod. 0.4 mm Hard Steel

1 x Bushing 2.1x3.5x4