**Lynx 180CFX Silver Tail Pitch Slider Assembly LX1443

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Product Information

  • Product Code: LX1443

  • Manufacturer: Lynx

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Product Information

Lynx Heli Innovations has redesigned the standard 180CFX tail pitch slider, using aluminum alloy, brass and technopolymer.
Our tail pitch slider was completely redesigned to achieve the best performance and the travel pitch like the center position pitch was revised to give you the easy and best tail set-up ever.

Lynx 180CFX tail pitch slider can work with any tail configuration you like, standard or the Lynx one.

That system was over tested and approved to assure smoothness and precision functions without vibes, even when fly at very high head speed.  Special design and assembly features assure precise tail pitch slider move, without play or friction for the ultimate tail performance.

The details and design of this tail pitch slider add top performance in your 180CFX tail system.

We spent hours optimizing the design to achieve the required strength with a final weight beyond compromise. We are pilots, we expect from our upgrade a better performance.


- Direct replacement for the standard 180CFX tail parts.

- Increase tail response and reduce vibration.

- Preassembled with lock thread and greased bearing.

- High precision plastic technopolymer pitch linkage

- Pitch Slider Ring in SST and Slider Bushing in Brass 360 for the ultimate free-friction and smooth pitch travel operation.

- Designed and tested with very high head speed

- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) design assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.


- Pitch Slider Ring Material: SST

- Slider Bushing Material: Brass 360

- Pitch Slider Half Moon: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Clear Anodized

- All Pivot Bushing Material: Brass 360

- Pitch Linkage Material: CNC Technopolymer based POM

- Bearing Material: Chrome Steel – ABEC5

- Hardware Material: Carbon Steel – Class 12.9

- Weight: 1.5g


1 x 180CFX - Tail Pitch Slider - Silver - preassembly