Lynx 180CFX Tail Servo Case CF Stiffener LX1627

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Product Information

  • Product Code: LX1627

  • Manufacturer: Lynx

  • Stock Level: 1


Product Information

Lynx design a special Carbon Fiber Stiffener for Standard 180CFX Tail Servo.

We discovery form our intensive test, that in case of crash or under servo assembly, Tail Servo Case lips can easily be damaged.

This lightweight accessory was tested and really increases the overall resistance of your Tail Servo case.

Recommended for 180CFX Tail Servo Case reinforces.

Made by Carbon Fiber 1 mm thick will surround your servo as glove, assuring the best solid and strong assembly.



- Upgrade recommended for 180CFX Tail Servo Case reinforce.

- Optimized design to assure the lowest weight.

- Increased rigidity and crash resistance.



- Micro Servo Stiffener Material: Carbon Fiber 1 mm thickness

- Weight: 0.2g



1 x 180CFX STD Tail Servo Case CF Stiffener