Lynx 230S Swash Plate Leveler LX1739

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Product Information

  • Product Code: LX1739

  • Manufacturer: Lynx

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Product Information

Accurate swash plate alignment is required for optimum FBL performance. This alignment can only be assessed with precise tools.

Lynx Heli Innovations has designed a dedicated swash plate leveler for your 230S.

We combine lightweight, exotic materials and stylish design with high tolerance production, resulting in a tool to achieve precise set-up of your helicopter.


- Dedicated design for 230S helicopter

- Precise dimensions and tolerance for the best main shaft fitting

- Help and support superior heli swashplate set up.

- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.



- Material: Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6


1 x 230S – Swashplate Leveler