Lynx G380 DFC / Hybrid Arm LX1708

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Product Information

Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking toward new ideas and solutions. If you enjoy the feel of DFC, we have just the thing for your Goblin 380 – our all new DFC conversion set.

The Lynx Goblin 380 DFC Conversion Set comes pre-assembled.

This head system is designed for those who love the Goblin 380 and love flying with a high head speed. Our head gives the Goblin 380 an incredibly precise and crisp feel in flight – even during the most demanding maneuvers.

The DFC linkage thread rod has been designed to be “sacrificial” and easy replaceable in the event of a hard crash.

After many confirmed test we also include the Hybrid Head System by Lynx option.

You can then use it to enjoy this innovative system introduced by Lynx and Oxy. The system base the function to a mix of performance and feeling of DFC and FBL Head design. One Main Grip will connect to the Swash Plate with one DFC Rod that will also works as Antirotation system and in the other Main Grip you can install the standard Linkage Ball and Pitch Rod.

This system was introduced by Lynx first on the Oxy 3 Upgrade Head Design, with the intent of experiment new way and feeling.

Top pilot as Tareq Alsaadi and many other, report positive and new precise feeling. Tareq also request this special head system for his Oxy 3 Tareq Edition.

Over the performance this combo and option will give you in one single bag the possibility to play and experiment new Goblin 380 set-up and have extra spares in case of crash or maintenance



- DFC or Hybrid System upgrade for your Goblin 380.

- Optimized lightweight design.

- Rigid and precise flight control.

- Direct replacement for standard Goblin 380 parts.

- Special features allow easy repair even after a hard crash.

- Design assisted by FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to achieve light weight and maximum strength.



- Goblin 380 DFC Main Grip Arm material: Aluminum 7075-T6 –anodized finish

- Goblin 380 DFC Rod material: Aluminum 7075-T6 –anodized finish

- Goblin 380 DFC Thread Rod material: Carbon steel

- Bearing material: Chrome steel alloy – ABEC 5 precision class – manufactured in Japan

- Hardware material: Carbon steel



-        G380 DFC conversion head System, set – Silver Anodized

-        G380 Hybrid head System, set