Lynx Plastic 230S Main Blade 240mm (Green) LX62402

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Product Information

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  • Manufacturer: Lynx

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Product Information

Lynx Heli Innovations are now producing high quality main blades!
Our  230S main blades have been designed from scratch to be the best main blade possible on this helicopter.
Thanks to our expert plastics consultant, we have optimized the weight and the rigidity using an exotic polymer blend.
The blades features incredible material stability that guarantees constant blade shape (no warping), even with extreme weather conditions (very hot, very cold). The result is a stiff blade giving the best helicopter performance under all conditions.
When flying the Lynx  230S blades on your helicopter, you will immediately see the precision of the rotor disc and the resulting accuracy and agility during flight.

Our design target was made 230S main blade that can bit the old style wood main blade, but the result surclass our expectation! All of us and our beta tester was just stonished when we test it... and after many compair the fly feeling are incredible closer to  Carbon Fiber one, even once we look to intense 3D fly and high head speed.

Blade was designed and test to be flyable untill 5000 RPM.

Plastic Polymer Base PA66
Main blade  230S
Blade length:  240 mm
Average single blade weight: 15g