Lynx T150 Silver Ultra Main Frame LX0980

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Product Information

Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking toward new ideas and solutions that really do something… and we propose the T-Rex 150 Ultra Main Frame to transform your 150 into a professional Heli, opening a new vision of fly performance.

A combination with high precision CNC parts with Pure 3K Carbon fiber plates for the best combination of lightweight and incredible rigidity.

T-Rex 150 is an incredible Ready To Fly Heli, with a standard plastic main frame that is perfect for newbie’s experience, but not stiff enough to handle overpowered set-up or very high head speed when intense 3d is the domain.

Long development was made over the actual Ultra Main Frame and the last edition will amaze you for the extra rigidity of Lynx Ultra Main Frame for an insane and crispy fly performance and for his super crash resistance.

We try our best to support an upgrade frame that will cover all your need of set-up and easy assembly and service.

Every detail and compatibility was strictly checked.


-  Fully compatibility with T-Rex 150 standard Heli parts and canopy

-  Light Weight design.

-  Ultra ridged design.

-  Increased rigidity and crash resistance.

-  Redesigned CG position for the ultimate 3D fly performance.

-  Few parts account for easy assembly and maintenance.

-  Clean and advanced frame industrial design.

-  Spare parts availability for the best and enjoyable fly experience


Lynx T-Rex 150 Ultra Main Frame come pre-assembly and an easy to read step-by step user manual for your final assembly enjoyment and support.


Items required to complete assembly from your donor T-Rex 150:

- Standard complete tail boom assembly including tail rotor assembly

- Standard Main Shaft and Head assembly with Main Blade

- Standard Main Gear Hub

- Standard Motor

- Standard 3in1 FBL unit

- 3 x Standard Servos.


Download User Manual here to discovery more detail about Lynx T-Rex 150 Ultra Main Frame.



-         All CNC Parts Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Silver anodized finish

-         All Carbon Fiber Parts Material: 3K Carbon Fiber - 1 mm Thickness

-         Hardware Material: Carbon Steel

-         Radial Bearing Chrome Steel - ABEC5 Precision Class - Made Japain

-         Assembly weight: 7.5g - difference compare std frame 2.5g



-         1 x T-Rex 150 CNC Ultra Main Frame Set – Silver anodize