Lynx TRex 600E Pro Mainshaft Bearing Blocks LX0227

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Product Information

  • Product Code: LX0227

  • Manufacturer: Lynx

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Product Information


Used for:

Align T-Rex 600e Pro


High Precision Tollerance CNC Part made with Aluminum 7075T6

High Performance Japan Bearing and Thrust Bearing

High Quality Hardware class 12.9



2 x T600E-PRO main shaft bearing block

2 x thrust bearing 18X10 H 5.5

2x bearing 19x10 h5

2 x spacer ring 10X13X0.5

1 x T600E-PRO elevator bellcrank

1 x T600E-PRO X frame plate

1 x spacer 5x6.2x13

1 x T600E-PRO elevator bellcrank

4 x M3x6 LYNX button screw

1 x set screw M4X4