MCPX BL Solid CF Tail Boom Stretch SET (2 PC) LX0488

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Product Information

  • Product Code: LX0488

  • Manufacturer: Lynx

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Product Information

Lynx Heli Innovations is always looking for a better way of doing things.

MCPX-BL go to Stretch with Lynx Heli Innovations parts.

Lynx Heli Innovation defines for your MCPX-BL a Stretch and solid tail boom.  The stretch boom is 15 mm longer than standard one and can used with std 115 mm main blade or  Lynx  125 mm MCPX-BL Main blade, to achieve the best stretch performance.

Lynx also offer a complete Nano CPX stretch combo LX0535 that gives you the option to enjoy the “big” MCPX-BL with a complete stretch set.


The tail boom are made by fully carbon rod to assure the best tail boom rigidity and increase tail overall performance in fly.

We decided to propose solid carbon tail boom because our test shown less boom flections and increased tail authority, and superior resistance in case of crash.



- Adding 15 mm length MCPX-BL become more stable with better fast fly performance.

- Increased tail performance and tail autority thanks the longer tail boom lever.

- Pure and solid Carbon Fiber rod for the best tail stiffening and crash resistance.

- Easy and quick installation thanks Lynx design and supported shrink tubing for the wire support.



- Tail Boom Material: Carbon fiber rod – our high pressure production process increases carbon fiber cohesion and strength

- Single Tail Boom weight: 0.90 g



- 2 x MCPX-BL Stretch solid tail boom

- 50 mm Black Shrink tubing, for the perfect tail motor wire support