O.S. Bubbleless Clunk (Large) 71531000

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Product Information

  • Product Code: OS-71531000

  • Manufacturer: OS Engines

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Product Information

This is a Bubbleless Fuel Pick-Up (clunk) Weight for Aircraft Fuel Tanks.
The weight attaches to fuel tubing and is put into an aircraft's fuel tank.

FEATURES: Plated throughout to prevent corrosion
Mesh design prevents bubbles from entering the fuel line and
causing damage to the engine.
Fuel fitting barb and weight are positively joined together to
eliminate risk of coming apart
Silicone-rubber O-ring prevents internal damage to fuel tank
Used for glow fuel only.

INCLUDES: One Bubbleless Fuel Pick-Up Weight
One Rubber O-Ring
One Instruction Sheet

REQUIRES: Assembly into the fuel tank with standard fuel tubing.

SPECS: Length Including Fuel Fitting: 21.3mm (.840")
Widest Diameter: 11.4mm (.450")
O-ring Diameter: 8.5mm (.335")