RCE-G600 Governor RCE-G600

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Product Information


Instructions: Specification:
Compact design, easy use, simple setting with great speed control performance.
Speed resolution: 0.1RPM
Speed stability accuracy: within 1% (Steady State)
Not apply to S9251S9256 and other 760s servos.
Operating voltage:DC4.5V-6V
Consumption current:<20mA@4.8V
Direct detection of engine rotation speed.
Speed control range:10500~21000RPM
Servo RWM output pulse width: 1~2ms not apply to S9251 & S9256 and other 760s servos.
Operating temperature range:-20°C~85°C
Operating moisture range:0%~95%
Case size (body):28.5x26.2x9mm
Signal wire length:160mm
Sensor wire length:250mm
Weight:10g (including wires)
RPM Magnet x 2(4x1.5mm)
Socket button head screw x 2(T2.6x6mm)
Nut x 1