Safe Switch 2 Plus prr-rmtsw2p

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Product Information


Product Information

The new Safe Switch 2 Plus is the same as our ever popular regular Safe Switch 2, but with the added 4 LED 2s Lipo Battery Monitor. The unit operates exactly the same, except there are 4 LED's to indicate voltage level in a 2s Lipo Battery connected to the switch. LED's used for visual indication are Red, Yellow, Green and Green. Know that your Rx Battery is safe to fly as soon as you turn the switch on.

Just the same as the Safe Switch Plus, but instead of a Deans Compatible Connector for the output, the Safe Switch 2 Plus comes with 2 Male to Male Servo Connectors to connect to your Rx.

The Remote Switch is designed for inputs of 2s - 3s packs and capable of delivering 20A, which can be used for any sized Helicopter as well as large Airplanes. Simply run inline between your rx battery pack and its intended item (rx, voltage regulator, etc) and remotely mount the switch in an easily accessible area and your good to go. A bright red led mounted on the unit will give visual verification of power status.

You can use our Remote Switch several different ways. Use the actuator on the side of the board to turn the unit on and off, turn the switch to the on position and use your Spektrum Bind-Plug on the pins. With the plug inserted on the pins, the unit is off, pull the Plug off and the unit turns on. Have an old "Pin Flag" setup? Simply replace the female lead to a male lead and it too can be used to turn the unit on and off.

Our Remote Switch is a "fail-safe" design that fails in the on position and is 100% compatible with our full line of Voltage Regulators. Unit comes wrapped in clear pvc heatshrink.

Unit comes packaged with 2 x 6" Male to Male, 22AWG Servo Extensions.

Min. Input Voltage: 2s - 7.4v / A123/Life-6.6v
Max. Input Voltage: 3s - 11.1v
Current Capacity: 20A
LED's 4 (Red, Yellow, Green, Green)
Length of Battery Lead Plug: 4"
Length of Rx Lead Plugs: 6"
Plug Type: Deans Compatible
Size: 32mm x 18mm x 6mm
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* not intended for use between flight packs and esc's on electric aircraft
* do not leave battery connected to switch for long periods of no-use.